Highland Trooper

Holy shit! I just realized that the Kurgan in Highlander is played by the same actor as the asshole sergeant in Starship Troopers! Clancy Brown.

The Critical Drinker does a good job in his videos of explaining why the latter film is great satire and why Highlander does not need a remake.

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The eggs that the stink bug (Swedish bärfis, which translates to "berry fart") laid under our new parasol literally* five minutes after I put it up.

* and I mean literally, not figuratively, as has become the more common meaning of the word. Is there a new word for literally literally?




This year's veggie garden is taking shape. Note the pole for birds of prey to sit on, which we raised in the hope for them to eat the voles that invaded last year.

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meat Source

Interesting that, when it comes to meat eating habits, Swedes are more similar to the French than Germans or Brits. And that China has already "caught up".

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Wolfram Physics

I have recently encountered the Wolfram Physics Project a few times, for example this podcast.

The basic idea, if I dare re-state it without any deep understanding, is that the universe is computation at the fundamental level and the laws of nature that we have figured out are emergent pockets of computational reducibility. In general though, the underlying rules are being executed a very large number of times in a computationallly irreducible way, without any shortcuts. Particles and such are patterns in the "grid", analogous to a glider in Conway's Game of Life.

I find this surprisingly non-crazy, especially if, as Wolfram and collaborators claim, much of physics naturally arises in that framework. But what do I know‽ Theoretical/fundamental physics is not exactly my strong suit, and as always it needs to be judged on whether or not it provides better explanations and predictions than competing theories.

If you enjoy getting your mind tickled by abstract questions like How fundamental are numbers?, there are worse places to go than the world of Stephen Wolfram.



I try to take note when I encounter fun new words. Today: persnickety, which means fussy, overly obsessed about details, snobbish.

Not so long ago: recalcitrant, meaning subbornly defiant of authority.


Food For Click Iii


What Bird Or Plant Is That?

Have you heard of PlantNet and BirdNET? Their phone apps allow you to take a picture of a flow or plant, or record bird song, and instantly get an answer on what species it is.

They are not perfectly accurate and often give several probable choices, but very impressive and fun nonetheless. I especially like the visualization of the spectrum of bird songs, because I remember more easily how they look than from sound alone.

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