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I happened to be in Brussels for this year's installement of FOSDEM and it sure is an amazing free event, pulled off by a lot of voluntary work.

The plan was to have a short writeup and comment on the talks I listened to, but I rather spent the time watching some more talks in their recorded form. So I recommend you pick by your interests and do the same: Saturday, Sunday

At least I got around to showing a few tidbits to fellow astronomers. Slides

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Why social media are manipulative


I'm listening through the back-log of Sam Harris' podcast for a while and today it was time for Episode #71 on the fight for time and attention, which I found very enlightening.

We've all had mixed feelings about social media and other technologies that are optimized to gain and keep our attention, so I found it helpful to get some vocabulary for thinking better about this topic. I won't summarize it here, go listen to it!

If not, then one take-away message certainly is:

Technology is not neutral!

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