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Listening: VBW 153

At the gym earlier today I listen to the latest episode of Very Bad Wizards. I was slightly disapppointed that neither of them knew what a Klein bottle is, but I liked the update on the replication crisis in psychology (from 42:30 onward).

Retraction watch, @retractionwatch

While I certainly approve of drunk podcasting, the converstation between Tamler and his step-mother was a bit too inhoherent. The portrayed craziness on US campuses seems quite remote from a Swedish perspective, but usually Europe just lags behind and soon follows suit...

I listened to the full back-log of Very Bad Wizads during this summer's gardening and home improvement projects. Rarely did I need to skip an episode, so if you like the genre of "two dudes talking" and are even slightly interested in psychology and philosophy, give David and Tamler a chance.

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