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Lego Science Tower


Last night I finally finished building my Lego Science Tower. The set is not official but originates from a crowd-funding effort by Bricklink. The sealed box had been sitting in my office for two years until I recently brought it home to have some fun with it.

You can see Newton's apple in the tree and Mendel's garden in front of the tower. The telescope on the top rotates and tilts by turning the knobs. Inside there is Pawlov's dog, Schrödinger's cat, a library and a chemistry lab, among other things. Overall a lovely design with ingenious attention to detail!

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A random set of internet gems that I enjoyed recently, starting with the Coronavirus COVID19. Three Twitterers that seem to knowledgable, up-to-date and not hyping-up matters are Kai Kupferschmidt, Helen Branswell and Ian M Mackay. Plus, there are good articles coming from down under.

Don't bury the lede, not even in grant applications.

The International Space Station in LEGO. I like that this is an official set, not a custom design or one-off sale. Speaking of which: My Science Tower is still waiting to be built.

Quit the news! (PDF) It's bad for you!

Robin Hanson comapares Parasite and Joker. This made me think less of Parasite and want to watch Joker. I have downloaded it, but not gotten around to it yet.

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