Running Summary

The following is a copy of an earlier post on social media, summarizing how my running went since I started in 2008 aged 30, not fit at all and never having done any sports or training before then.

The Stockholm half marathon 2009 was the first big goal and quite painful. Late 2009 I switched to thin (so called “minimalistic” or “barefoot”) shoes which contributed to getting me hooked on running. I overdid it in summer 2010 (hairline fracture in right foot) which ended that season early for me. 2011 finally felt like a breakthrough with both increased ease and speed; that summer I also joined Runday, an informal club, for a technical training session once in a while. There was more than 20 minutes difference between my first 10km-race 2009 and 2011’s last.

Winter 2011/12 was the first without a long break in running. During 2012 I ran my first marathon, did 5k in 20:20 and a half marathon in 1:35; I also took off my shoes more often and ran barefoot on shorter trails and road, up to 12km.

2013 and 2014 were somewhat similar. The enthusiasm of the first years has waned and my laziness saw to it that I did not progress much, but kept a steady level instead. Some barefoot runs and a marathon at the end of the season, with too few long runs during training.

Race results
Brussels Marathon 2014: 3h35m
Trail du Barrage (Ardennes, 30km very tough trail): 3h55m
10km de Uccle, May 2014: 56:12 (barefoot!)
Brussels Marathon 2013: 3:48 (bad cramps)
10km de Uccle 2013: 41min
Två Sjöar Runt 2013 (16.7k): 1:14:01
Stockholm Half Marathon 2012: 1:35:33
Bellmanstafetten 2012 (5k): 20:50
Skärholmsloppet 1012(5k): 20:23
Aros Marathon 2012 (46k): 4:08:00, (3:46 for 42.2km)
Ursvik Xtreme 2012 (15k tough trail): 1:18:31, 1:20:16, 1:21:10
Premiärmilen 2012 (10k): 44:21
Hässelbyloppet 2011 (10k): 44:24
Bellmanstafetten 2011 (5k): 22:54
Lidingöloppet 2011 (30k trail): 2:52:07
Kistaloppet 2011 (10k): 46:45
Ursvik Xtreme 2011 (15k tough trail): 1:30:11, 1:27:02, 1:24:18, 1:25:44
Premiärmilen 2011 (10k): 53:40
Bellmanstafetten 2010 (5k, inj): 26:25
Midnattsloppet 2010 (10k, inj last 2k): 58:11
Ursvik Xtreme 2010 (15k tough trail): 1:38:41, 1:39:19
Premiärmilen 2010 (10k): 58:40
Bellmanstafetten 2009 (5k): 24:47
Stockholm half marathon 2009: 2:08:12
Premiärmilen 2009 (10k): 1:04:40
Bellmanstafetten 2008 (5k): 25:57