Posting Images from Android to a Static Site


I didn't post this picture because it is in any way interesting in itself, but because I can! From my phone, that is!

Let me back up and tell you why I find that exciting. This site is statically generated and a new blog post is added via a markdown file, re-compiling and uploading. This means firing up the text editor and some quick command-line actions after finishing the writing. This fits me perfectly fine, most of the time.

But when it comes to images, I found always it cumbersome to first download them to my laptop for processing and inclusion in a post. Which is why I finally got around to figuring out how to post them directly from the phone that takes the image.

The centerpice for making this work is Termux which gives you a full Linux-environment on Android devices; it's really really good and can do much more than I describe here. Termux supports the "Share with..." mechanism and allows me to execute a script with the shared file as argument. So I adapted my script that prepares the markdown file and resizes the image for this purpose.

Now when I share an image from my phone with Termux, the following steps happen:

  • The image is saved in Termux.
  • My script is called with the image location.
  • It asks me to enter a title which is used as the post title, the URL-slug and the filenames.
  • The Markdown template with this information, the image link and date/time is prepared, and saved.
  • A text editor is fired up to verify and/or write an extra line in the mardown-file.
  • The image gets resized and renamed accordingly.
  • The files get added and committed to the repository, and pushed to GitHub.
  • Finally, Pelican is told to re-compile the site into HTML, make the smaller inline-version of the image, and upload everything with rsync to my RaspberryPi-server.


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