I've been avidly listening to podcasts for many years. Nowadays they provide me with food for thought and entertainment mostly during my half-hour commutes in the mornings and afternoons; sometimes also for longer-than-usual exercise sessions.

My go-to podcasts include parts of the German podcast empire around Tim Pritlove, Swedish public broadcast shows like Sommar or Spanarna and some from the "two dudes talking" genre, like Hello Internet or The West Wing Weekly.

The most noteworthy recent discovery for me is Waking Up With Sam Harris. I've never gotten around to reading his books, and always assumed I would need no convincing anyway when it comes to his view on religion. But after so far only listening to the episodes on Israel and the introductory chapter of his recent book on spirituality, I am impressed by how sharp and precise he is in formulating his thoughts, with minimal babble and repetition; meaning it's an excellent use of my time and I am looking forward to listening through the fifty episodes that are out already.

By the way, Sam Harris has a good way of explaining the problem with AI as well.