This post is back-dated a few hours. Yes, I broke the blogging streak, but I have a good excuse: I watched Druk (Another Round) last night, a recent film with Mads Mikkelsen.

The plot is quickly summarized. Four teachers decide to test a psychologist's (apparently real) claim, that humans are born with blood alcohol level 0.5‰ too low and that one would perform better professionally and socially after correcting this deficiency. The experiment predictably goes well, until it doesn't.

Overall predictability is not a negative here though, it builds to a dreadful anticipation. The four protagonists go off the rails in different ways, as they increasingly see the reasons to do the experiment in the first place: a combination of boredom, existential angst and feeling lost in marriage.

The film's performances are great, the characters relatable and the ending is ecstatic and highly ambiguous. Recommended!

Addendum: I only now read that, by sheer coincidence, Druk won the Oscar for best international film the same night that I watched it. Nice.