Bike logistics

I live 20km outside of town, in a small cottage in the forest which means that I usually take the car to work. But I bought a decent new bike last year to make my commute cheaper and greener, so I want to start using it more than it turned out last year.

To get used to the distance, I don't want to take both trips by bike the same day. This is easily done by bringing the bike to work by car one morning, biking home after work, biking back to work the morning after and then taking the car and bike back home.

But this involves a surprising amout of logistics, as I experienced the other day. Apart from the bike itself, I had to pack both the biking clothes and a full set of fresh work clothes, the bike, helmet, plus towel and shower gear. The actual biking then felt like less of a challenge than not forgetting a crucial element in the preparations. But this is just a matter of practice and routine, so there will be more trips like this.

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