You probably have not noticed, but this site was offline for twelve days. And so was I.

This is because the glass fiber link that leads to our home in the forest was broken in connection with some work further down the road. Then the usual fuckups of privatized and distributed responsibilities ensued. Meaning that I had to lean hard on our network provider (ISP) to finally refer the issue to the network operator after 5 days. And then another week to get the technician to diagnose, and talk to the other company that caused the fault.

This is the kind of thing that would have easily annoyed the hell out of younger me - things not working as they should! The world is mean to me!!

This time, though, I was quite fine with it. I am on holidays anyway and can in fact build a new shed for firewood without internet access (pics will follow!). The notifications for emails had been turned off anyway and for urgent stuff we still had the 4G of our phones - so there really only remained the inconvenience that we imagined ourselves.

Still, it's good to be back online.

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